Minor Dent Repair

How To Repair a Small Dent in a Car Door Panel
In this video, you will see how I was able to remove this small dent in the car door using paintless dent repair.

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This method of PDR dent removal used special tools to push the dent out. These tools were needed to do an excellent repair because of the way the door was dented.

You will see why the glue pull method and the hot water and pulling out the dent type of repair won’t work.

When removing a dent like this one, you have to know how to properly move the metal and understand the “flow” of the metal. This is needed to achieve a flat repair.

This damage had what we call crowns or high spots at the top and sides of the dent. These hold a lot of pressure and need to be pushed back down and blended back into the dent. Once that is done, then pushing of the dent is much easier and has much better results.

You will see how by just pushing out the dent without first releasing the pressure of the crowns, limited progress was made. But, just by knocking down the high spots actually “removed” a lot of the dent without even having to push or pull it out.

After bringing down the area around the dent, I then was able to continue pushing out the dent with a couple of PDR tools. One more blunt tip with tape for a soft push and then another sharp tip tool for more fine detail pushing.

In this dent removal, I also used a few knockdowns with different tips and a few different hammers. These ranged from a softer rubber for a large and softer hit. Then moving to sharper plastic type tips for more fine detail hits.

0:00 What Methods of Dent Removal Are There
0:44 Why Glue Pulling Won’t Work For This Dent
1:16 What We Use To Fix Dents Professionally
1:35 What Happens When a Car Door is Dented
2:10 Why Hot Water Trick Won’t Work To Pop Out Dent
3:00 Will DIY Dent Repair Cause More Damage
3:27 How To Start This Dent Repair
4:40 Step 1 – Pushing Out The Dent
6:45 Step 2 – Knocking Down the Crowns
9:21 Partial Results Half Way Thru Repair
11:07 Step 3 – Continuing To Push Out The Dent (Fine Detail Work)
13:02 Checking the Dent From Other Angles
15:28 Finishing Details of the Professional Dent Repair
20:28 The Final Excellent Results of the Repair
21:30 See More Paintless Dent Repair Videos on This Channel

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