Should You Get Your Car Dent Painted Immediately?

When you own a car, getting a dent or a scratch is unavoidable. Irrespective of how well you maintain your car, or how careful you are when you drive, you are bound to get a dent eventually. At times you don’t even know when and how your car got a dent or the paint is scratched.  Sometimes a dent or a scratch can happen without a fault of your own. As a car owner hence the question that often pops up is if there is a small dent or a scratch on the paint do you need to get it fixed immediately?

The simple answer to the question is YES. But you may ask why? To know the reason why you should have scratch and dent repair immediately done to your car, for the following reasons.

Why Should You Get Car Dent Paints Done Immediately?

If you have a small scratch on the paint or a dent and you have tools and the knowledge on how to do a dent removal, you can fix it by yourself.   But in most cases, it is better to get the car to the auto repair centre and get it fixed by a professional.

But one of the main concerns when getting car dent paints is when to get it fixed. In case if the dent or scratch is large, you will get it fixed immediately. With a small scratch or a dent, and even if the car is not a brand new one, you are likely to put it off than getting it repaired or scratch removed as soon as possible.

As you keep putting the dent repair off your to-do-list before you know one-month rolls into three, that rolls off to six, and by the end of the year, it is still there. Only with time, it had gone bigger and uglier than when the first scratch happened.

Without immediate attention to the dent on your vehicle, it is not only an ugly looking thing, but it will cause your automobile quite a few problems. You need to attend to the dent immediately, or else there will be:

Rust Issues

Your car gets unsightly blemishes and damage to the paint. This can cause cracks that might not be visible immediately. In the long run, the cracks caused due to the impact might result in water seepage. This can reach beyond the paint and the clear coat and eventually impact the unprotected metal of the car. Water seepage will result in oxidization of the metal, causing it to rust.

In case the dent is small, the rusting might not be visible immediately. However, with time if you do not take care of it, the rusting will increase, harming your vehicle.

Long-term paint damage

Fixing the dent is not always about pounding the dent out. At times the dent can have scratches, and it takes more than just a simple painting job to get it fixed. At times, because it takes a professional with expertise, you can decide to postpone the repair. But in reality the postponing it is causing your car more damage.

Paint damage caused due to a dent and ignoring it will only worsen the condition. Everyday use, the weather, washing of the vehicle will only lead to the paint cracks growing bigger. Eventually, there will be flaking of the paint and then peeling.

This will leave the sealant that lies underneath exposed, which can leave the metal bare and exposed. It is then only a while before the automobile starts to rust.

Reduction in Resale Value

Like any other thing, even with your car, how good it looks from the outside is of vital importance when you are reselling it. Irrespective of how well the engine is, and the mileage it gives, an issue like a small an unrepaired dent will bring the price of your car down significantly.

Adding rust spots due to paint damage along with the dents will bring the price down even further. Moreover, the unrepaired dent or paint scratch is a sign often associated with the neglectful owner. This can often translate into the buyer wondering what else is not functioning properly with the car.

So a simple step of fixing the dent can help you to fetch a better amount when you are reselling the car.

Expensive to fix it

Over time the rust spots will arrive if you don’t take care of the dents as soon as it happens. In case you live in an area that has high salt content, the damage of paints flaking and rusting will occur faster.

The more time you spend without repairing it, the cost of the car dent painting and repairing will increase. So, it is better to get the dent repair immediately done, so you do not have to spend a fortune on it eventually.

Safety Issue

Keeping your vehicle safe should be your top priority. A small dent might not seem significant enough that can cause structural damage to your car.

With most cars now having a flexible bumper cover, designed to minimize the impact during a collision can result in causing severe damage on the quarter panel, bending the metal underneath.

Mainly, if the collision was caused on the rear bumper or head-on, this internal damage can lead to instability of the front and rear-end of the car that can compromise the safety of your vehicle.

Hence you must get the dent checked and repaired immediately. There are several ways to get the car dent paints fixed, and removed. One of them is the paintless dent removal method.

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR)

Paintless Dent Repair is a process where an experienced technician does the repair without peeling the paint from the dented area.  The technician accesses the damaged area of the automobile from under the dent. After accessing it, pushes it back to the former shape. The next step involves freeing the area of any ridges, crowns, or high spots sticking on the surface. Then leveling with different tools and polish it to smoothen the surface.

Many prefer paintless dent repair now if they can avail of it because the process offers quite a few benefits:

  • Saves Time
  • Saves Money
  • Retains the Car’s value
  • No major repair is needed
  • Environment friendly

To Conclude.

Next time, get your vehicle repaired immediately when there is a dent or a scratch on the paint of your car. Irrespective of whether it is due to a fender bender or an object hitting your car, do not wait for long to get it repaired. Whether you are opting for paintless dent removal, or the traditional method, doing it yourself or by a professional, get it done immediately. Dental removal and repair is the only way you can keep your car safe and going without a worry while taking pride in the automobile you drive.